Meet Our PTA Board

Our Vision
North Star Elementary School is a family of learners dedicated to nurturing the mind, body and spirit of each child by encouraging intellectual growth, developing character, and instilling a love of learning.

Our Mission
At North Star we are committed to creating a caring, nurturing environment, where all children achieve to their fullest potential, as they are actively engaged in exemplary instruction tailored to individual needs.
President - Kristen Dassel
The president sets meeting agenda and presides at all meetings of the PTA and the Executive Board. Coordinate the work of the PTA Officers and Committees. Approve and sign all contracts required. Serve as the North Star PTA representative to the state PTA. Oversee the general Budget, and oversee the School Assembly Programs Committee. Act as the PTA liaison to the school Administration.  
(2 year term or until successor is elected)

Vice-President - Kristen Roebke
Serve as an aide to the President in anticipation of assuming the Presidency the subsequent year. Oversee the Community Service and Reflections Committees and coordinate volunteers.  (2 year term as Vice-President or until successor is elected)

Secretary - Frankie Kutsch
Record the minutes of all North Star PTA meeting and ensure drafts minutes are approved at subsequent meetings. Maintain files of official documents including the By-Laws and Annual Records. Maintain Board, Committee and Membership lists. Check and respond to emails sent directly to the PTA e-mail account. Oversee the Website, mass e-mail, directory, membership and legislative committee chairs. Oversee the sending of mass e-mails as requested by District, Principal, Vice Principal, and Board Members. File all PTA documents with District/State Offices.  (2 year term or until successor is elected)

Treasurer - Cara Clucas
Have charge of all PTA funds. Keep an accurate account of all receipts and expenditures. Expend money in accordance with the budget, issuing checks and petty cash. File all required financial reports. Have the accounts independently audited annually. Perform monthly bank reconciliations. Report on the latest financial accounts at PTA meetings. (2 year term)

Fundraising Chair - Open Position
Oversee the individual fundraising committees. Ensure that fundraising activities are reviewed, approved, coordinated and scheduled appropriately. Oversee and Co-chair (when necessary) the Annual Spirit Fest, Book Fair, Family Carnival/Basket Auction, and the School Spirit Wear. Act as the primary liaison between the Fundraising Committee Chairs and the Executive Board. Report on fundraising activities at PTA meetings.  
(Appointed by the President)

Student Services - Sharon Wooldridge
Oversee the activities of committees pertaining to Student Activities and Services such as Family Activities, Yearbook, and Physical Education Support. Ensure that student related activities are reviewed, approved, coordinated and scheduled appropriately. Be the primary liaison between the Student Service Committee Chairs and the Executive Board. Report on student related activities at PTA meetings.  (Appointed by the President)

Staff Support - Jen Stephenson
Oversee the activities of committees pertaining to Staff Support such as Post Office, Library, Student of the Week, Staff Appreciation, Landscaping, and Health Services Coordinator. Ensure that School Support activities are reviewed, approved, coordinated and scheduled appropriately. Be the primary liaison between the School Support Committee Chairs and the Executive Board. Report on School Support activities at PTA meetings.  (Appointed by the President)


North Star Elementary School has a large and active PTA.  We have numerous committees that work hard to enhance the learning environment for the students at North Star.  We are in need of volunteers to chair these committees and ask that you consider devoting some time to North Star next year.

If you are interested in shadowing a committee this year and possibly taking it over during the year 2021-2022, please email Kristen Roebke
Basket Fundraiser
Co-ordinate the carnival baskets.

Book Fair
Organize the annual book fairs.

Community Service  
Serves as a liasion between the school and the PTA to support the school and district community service projects. 

E-mail Hotline  
Manage NSPTA e-mail hotline. Respond to e-mail inquiries from North Star parents. ​

Family Activities
Organize fun family activities like BINGO, dance party, etc.

Health and Wellness Coordinator   
Serves as liaison between School Nurse and PTA, communicates needs of the School Nurse’s office, helps to organize wellness programs and activities.

Enhance the exterior landscapes of the school.

Monitor legislative issues that affect NS students, report to the membership.

Schedule library volunteers.  Maintain library volunteer schedule, train volunteers on computerized library coding system, assist Librarian as needed.

Mass E-Mail System
Maintain e-mail database.  Create and send mass e-mails as directed my State/District/Principal/Vice Principal/Executive Board.

Actively encourage people to join PTA, maintain membership records.

Playground Equipment
Place an order each fall to replenish playground equipment.

Product Incentives
Collect and submit Box Tops, Zingo’s receipts etc.  

Reflections Program   
Promote student participation in the art contest, organize awards celebration.

Spirit Wear     
Sell North Star Spirit Wear at school functions.  Advertise sale of Spirit Wear, receive and process online orders.  

Staff Appreciation
Host luncheons for staff and staff meeting snacks.

Tile Night
Coordinate tile night and the installation of the tiles.

PTA Website Webmaster
Maintain the North Star PTA web site, updating as required.

Photograph school events and produce the yearbook.

Want to get involved with the North Star PTA? Here is a brief description of the officer and committee chair positions. While all of the board positions are filled for 2019-2020 school year our board has a high turnover rate (since our children keep on moving on to middle school). You can shadow a board or committee chair this year, to take over next year. Contact Volunteer Coordinator Kristen Dassel to get involved. No experience required, all North Star parents are welcome!! We recruit volunteers year-round to help at various PTA/School functions, so be sure you are on our eNews list for additional volunteer opportunities.
Find a full list of PTA board members and committee chairs here:
2019-2020 Executive Board and Committees - Contact Sheet